Adversarial Divorce

Achieving Optimal Results

Perhaps you have decided to filed for divorce and you are not communicating well with your husband or wife. Or your spouse has begun a divorce action. The outcome of your case will determine the legal rights and obligations of you and your spouse, with respect to each other, from this point forward. Many aspects of a final judgment cannot be modified, or can be modified only if certain conditions are met, so it is important to obtain legal representation as early in the case as possible.

The potential issues in any marital dissolution case include property distribution, child custody, child support, and, sometimes, alimony or spousal support. All of these may not be at issue in every case, and much depends on the goals of each spouse. Although every case is as unique as the people involved, our experience is that there are usually a few major issues to work through in each case. We have a great deal of experience and a consistent track record of resolving them. Our goal is to obtain the best resolution possible for each divorce client, and I am proud to say that I have always achieved that goal.

"Best resolution" means the optimal resolution possible for a particular client that is still fair to both sides. This is not a cop out. The law requires that the resolution of every case be fair and equitable. So, if your spouse is threatening to "pick your bones clean", fear not. It's probably impossible (unless you don't obtain competent representation).

How do we meet this goal? However the case requires.

You should understand that an exchange of full financial disclosures is obtainable on request. So, if you are in the dark about your spouse's finances, we can change that.  Most adversarial divorce cases are ultimately resolved through some form of alternative dispute resolution, including settlement conferences in which the parties and their attorneys participate, or negotiations during and following a "special family masters" pretrial or a judicial pretrial, both of which take place in court. Even when there is conflict, the vast majority of adversarial cases are resolved through settlement. It is extremely important to get the right settlement.

It would be my preference to assist in the amicable resolution of your divorce case in one of these ways. Achieving an acceptable resolution is the correct goal. But the key is to be prepared to try the case if necessary. With over a quarter century of courtroom experience, I'm prepared to assist you. Please call me at your convenience to discuss your situation.