Practice Areas


Family Law

Matters involving matrimonial law, child custody and support, and estates present significant financial and emotional challenges. Attorney Jurkiewicz represents clients regarding prenuptial agreements, mediated divorce, collaborative divorce, adversarial divorce, child custody and support, wills, and probate litigation.

Foreclosure Defense

Attorney Jurkiewicz is well-versed in foreclosure defense options and works with clients to prevent the loss of their property through foreclosure mediation and adversarial foreclosure defense.




All is not lost when one cannot repay their debts. The law provides options to help manage insolvency. It is not only possible, but normal, to retain your house and car while discharging your debt. Attorney Jurkiewicz provides representation in Chapter 7 (liquidation), Chapter 13 (wage earner reorganization), and Chapter 11 (reorganization) for individuals and businesses.


Business Law

All businesses require legal counsel for some combination of proactive planning and situational response. Attorney Jurkiewicz assists business clients through business formation, commercial collections, commercial foreclosures, evictions, intellectual property disputes, partnership disputes, bankruptcy litigation, and other commercial matters.